Overwatch: Pai constrói para filha réplica da mecha da personagem D.Va

Overwatch: Pai constrói para filha réplica da mecha da personagem D.Va

Mike C., um artista e “cosplayer mecânico”, construiu o fiel aliado da personagem do jogo de tiros da Blizzard e publicou todo o processo de montagem em suas redes sociais.

De acordo com Mike, a proposta era fazer um cosplay “dos sonhos” de sua filha Amanda — e o resultado foi bastante satisfatório. Confira alguns vídeos do desenvolvimento do mecha abaixo

Finally done with all the electronics, smoke machine plumbing and other lighting and audio special effects. Just have to finish the body work, the arms and make the two upper wing nacells and the four thrusters which the smoke will come out of and then it's just sanding and finishing. Still though, so far to go and less than two months to do it in!! Getting worried, but I'm plugging away daily At it now and progress is accelerating. Mandy controls all the effects from the four buttons on her control yokes and an illuminated switchboard in the cockpit. When she fires the guns, the sound they make is blasted over the music speakers. The gun audio was sampled directly from the game 🙂 she can also play D.va samples… NERF THIS! The smoke for the thrusters almost didn't happen. Turns out the little fog machine i parted didn't provide enough pressure to force the smoke through the tubes. Thought I'd wasted and entire day working on that but at the last minute I fixed it by mounting an air mattress inflator pump to increase the pressure and it worked awesome! #overwatch #dva #dvaoverwatch #dvacosplay #meka #dragoncon #dragoncon2017 #mechacon #mechacon2017

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Segundo Mike o cosplay ainda não está pronto — e não chegamos a ver o visual completo de D.Va –, mas a parte mais difícil já está ficando pronta.